Lightning Strike/Cardiac Arrest


Prevention and Treatment of Youth Sport Injuries
an Online Resource

  1. Survey the scene. If it is safe to proceed to the area where you believe an athlete has been struck by lightning then you should assess for consciousness and call 911. Remember lightning can strike the same spot twice!
  2. If appropriate (no spinal injuries suspected) the athlete may be moved carefully to a safer location. Be mindful of other possible injuries that may have occurred because of a fall.
  3. Begin CPR treating apnea (no breathing) and asystole (no heart beat). Confirm that 911 was called. If the athlete begins breathing and their heart beat return before EMS arrives continue to steps iv, v, & vi.
  4. Evaluate and treat for hypothermia and shock. Dry and warm the athlete.
  5. Evaluate and treat for fractures. Stabilize any broken areas from the joint below to the joint above the suspected break.
  6. Evaluate and treat for burns. Clean and dress wounds.