Prevention and Treatment of Youth Sport Injuries
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Fractures may not present as an obvious deformity and there is a possibility of no external signs at all. There are many types of fracture ranging from greenstick, to hairline fractures, to displaced (complete breaks), and comminuted (crushed) fractures. Some fractures may stay within the body while others could puncture the skin. If a fracture is suspected the area should be immobilized with any clean/stiff material. If there is a puncture of the skin the wound should still be stabilized and treated as a laceration. Fractures should be stabilized and sent to the Emergency Room as there may be a compromise of other soft tissues such as arteries, veins, or nerves. If a minor hairline fracture suspected, a trip to the ER is still warranted. In many cases small cracks in the bone can still prevent blood flow and cause bone necrosis (death).