TeleMedicine Appointments


TeleMedicine has quickly become a popular service as patients look for more convenience and flexibility with their medical appointments.  Bond Clinic began offering this option in April of 2020 and many patients have chosen to utilize TeleMedicine for a variety of reasons.  Below we will address some Frequently Asked Questions and we have also posted a short video.  Feel free to call 863-293-1191 if you have additional questions.  You’re in Good Hands at Bond Clinic!

What is TeleMedicine?

Simply put, it is the combination of the quality of care you are accustomed to, combined with technology.

Who can request a TeleMedicine appointment?

Any patient at Bond Clinic can request a TeleMedicine appointment with their provider.

Do all Bond Clinic providers offer TeleMedicine?

Most of our providers offer TeleMedicine appointments.

How can I make my next appointment a TeleMedicine visit?

It’s easy!  Simply call your provider and make your request with the receptionist.  Most Bond Clinic providers do offer TeleMedicine appointments and the staff will walk you through the process.

Does Urgent Care offer TeleMedicine appointments?

Yes, TeleMedicine appointments may now be requested at Urgent Care for established patients.  If you are a brand new patient to Bond Clinic, you will have to be seen in-person the first time.

Is TeleMedicine easy to use if you are not comfortable with technology?

Yes, if you were able to get to this website, you won’t have any problem using TeleMedicine.  Our staff will walk you through it step-by-step.

What type of device do I have to use?

You can use the device you are most comfortable using.  Including, desktop computer, laptop computer, ipad/tablet or simply your smart phone.

Are TeleMedicine appointments covered by my insurance?

Most insurance companies have added TeleMedicine visits to their covered items.  To confirm, we recommend you contact your insurance to verify or our Billing Office is also available to assist you at 863-293-1191.

What are some reasons that a patient may want to use TeleMedicine?

Do you have transportation issues?  Do you have an illness that makes an in-person visit difficult?  Do you simply like the convenience of connecting with your provider remotely?  There is not any wrong reason, it is simply based upon what is best for you as the patient.

Can I utilize TeleMedicine for all my appointments?

There are some appointments that require a physical examination, bloodwork or other testing.  Ask your provider about your options and we will do our best to work with you.