Women’s Health


Bond Clinic has been a trusted source for women’s health since 1948 and a few of our services include: primary care, gynecology, women’s diagnostic services, aesthetics and massage/facial care.  We are proud to have over 40 female provides as part of our team and offer care across 28 specialties.


Gynecology care is of great importance, so we are pleased to have three board certified physicians, Dr. Carlos GabrielDr. Jana Kenaan, and Dr. Eva Salamon.


Advanced imaging and diagnostic services include: 3 and 4-D ultrasound, urinary incontinence evaluation, and 3D digital mammography.

Massage Therapy & Facial Services

In the midst of all your responsibilities, remember to take care of yourself with a visit to our licensed massage therapy and facial specialist.  They offer a wide range of services from a relaxing hot stone massage to facial treatments.  These services are offered at the Main Campus and can be scheduled by calling 863-293-1191 ext. 3265.

The goal of Bond Clinic is to give women a place they can go for their medical and cosmetic needs in a relaxing, comforting and state-of-the-art atmosphere.