New Patient Information


Thank you for selecting Bond Clinic as your healthcare provider!

The Registration Process

Interested in becoming a Bond Clinic patient? Great! Need to know what to do before your first visit? Please contact your Physicians office, to receive instructions on how to receive a New patient information sheet before your visit. There is certain information that we would like to obtain before your visit to help expedite your first check-in process.

Returning this form at least five working days prior to your scheduled appointment can save you as much as 45 minutes of pre-registration time the day of your appointment. If your form is not received five working days prior to your appointment, please plan on registering a minimum of one hour before your scheduled appointment.

If you have any questions concerning the registration process, you may contact us by phone at 863-293-1191 ext. 3400 or e-mail us at [email protected]

When I arrive:

If you are unsure where the clinic is located, check out our Locations page. There are physicians at multiple locations. To find out where your physician’s office is located, visit your physician’s profile page.

There are two entrances to Bond Clinic, one called the W.T. Steele Building entrance and the other is the Bond Building entrance. Both are located on the parking lot side of the building (i.e. Ave A SE). There is a one-way driveway for patient pick-up and drop-off and handicap parking spaces. The entrance to this driveway is off of 6th Street SE.

Bond Clinic has a team of patient attendants available to assist you in reaching your destination within the clinic. We have wheelchairs available at each entrance and our patient attendants are more than happy to assist you in using one. We also have a small tram that can assist you to and from your vehicle to the entrances.

If you are using a form of public transport or transportation provided by a nursing home, please make sure that you have the contact information available for the service you are using.

Once you enter the buildings, visit either of our central registration desks to update your insurance information and pay any applicable co-pays.