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What is NextMD?

NextMD is a patient portal service that eliminates time-consuming phone calls and allows you, the patient, on-line access to your physician’s office. All requests or questions will be answered within 24 hours. NextMD technology allows your doctor to use a secured firewall and encryption to safeguard your privacy. This secured system operates by a password protected log-in that you receive upon registering for the service. Only you will have access to your information. Each family member will receive their own log-in code and password. If the patient is under 18 years of age, the responsible parent will receive the enrollment code and password information.

Benefits of NextMD:

With NextMD, you can access general health information online, view new messages from the practice or take advantage of these many benefits:

• Access and request personal or general information.
• Receive and review Lab Results within days of the testing.
• Request a non-urgent appointment or confirm an appointment. For all urgent issues, we ask that you call our office.
• Request medication refills.
• Receive documents from your doctor such as immunization records, return to work/school forms, lab results, and visit summaries.
• When a message is sent from the doctor’s office, you receive an email stating you have a new message from Bond Clinic, P.A. and are directed to log in to NextMD to review. No health information is sent via email.

How Do I Sign Up?

Already Signed up? Click here

How to register for NextMD.

Simply provide your email address at check-in today.

You will receive a temporary username and password.

Once you have your temporary username and password, Click here, or go directly to, enter your username and password and then follow the instructions.

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Additional Helpful Instructions

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