September Is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


Bond Clinic wants to remind our Friends and Neighbors, September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  In the US, approximately 13 out of 100 men, at some point in their lifetime, will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The very good news is that approximately 95% of all Prostate Cancers are detected when the cancer is confined to the prostate. It has been referred to as a slow-growing cancer and treatment success rates are high compared with most other types of cancer in the body. (*Slow Growing, simply refers to a lower risk of it spreading beyond the prostate before detection.) Like all medical procedures or tests, Bond Clinic encourages our patients to be informed and to discuss your options with a board-certified Urologist.  We are pleased to offer two Urologists at our clinic and they are accepting new patients. 

Feel free to call today to schedule an appointment at 863-293-1191. Stay informed with Bond Clinic