Why Women’s Health Matters


There is no denying we’ve come a long way when it comes to healthcare,
but women are still more likely to put their health on the back burner
in order to put others first. So during Women’s Health Month, we want
to share this message from L.R. Knost that, “taking care of yourself
doesn’t mean me first, it simply means ME TOO.” Healthcare needs for
women are unique and therefore requires unique care when it comes to
access and prevention. At Bond Clinic
<https://www.bondclinic.com/services/womens-health-center/> , we are
proud to offer one-stop-shop when it comes to women’s health including
obstetrics, gynecology, diagnostics, primary care and aesthetic
services. We even have a certified dietician on staff! Seeking a
proactive approach to your health in terms of checkups, exams, and
screenings can help detect possible health concerns early when the
prognosis is more favorable.


We all know by now that making healthy food choices and exercise play a
key role when it comes to overall health and wellbeing. They also are
key contributors to weight management, energy levels, mental illness,
disease, and more. While the importance of diet and exercise cannot be
ignored, preventative care is just one more piece of the puzzle in terms
of staying on top of your health. Annual checkups, routine gynecological
care and testing, screenings, obstetric care, advanced imaging, and
diagnostic services and more are all part of Bond Clinic
extensive approach to women’s care.


Getting on a regular preventative exam routine is important, but if you
feel like something is not right or want to discuss options when it
comes to your healthcare it’s important to schedule an appointment
<https://www.bondclinic.com/patient-info/> . The American College of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women as young as 13
should start screening for medical issues, update important vaccines,
have their physician assess risks for future medical issues, and go
through family medical history.

When it comes to your health prevention is important and puts you in the
driver’s seat. Bond Clinic, P.A. is proud to be one of the oldest
businesses in Winter Haven. Founded in 1948 by Dr. Benjamin Bond, the
clinic has grown throughout the years from four doctors to more than 90
providers, encompassing 28 specialties. Bond Clinic also offers a
licensed massage therapy and facial specialist who offers a wide range
of services from a relaxing hot stone massage to a variety of facial
treatments. These services are offered at the Main Campus and can be
https://www.bondclinic.com/patient-info/new-patient-information/ by
calling 863-293-1191 ext. 3265. For more information, or to schedule an
appointment please call 863-293-1191 ext. 3573. Visit and ‘like’ us on
Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/BondClinic/> today to stay
up-to-date on all your healthcare needs.