What Is Internal Medicine?


Our busy lives mean that many American adults procrastinate their overdue checkup as long as possible, but when they do it may be confusing as to which of the following to visit: a primary care physician, family medicine doctor, or an Internist.

Understanding what an Internist is more fully, will help you better separate the three types of medicine. Typically, Internists or Doctor of Internal Medicine will have completed three additional years of postgraduate training that focuses on chronic conditions adults face such as heart disease, as well as diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases.

To further add to the confusion, many Primary Care Physicians have also studied Internal Medicine. Whether your Doctor’s official title is Doctor of Internal Medicine or Primary Care Physician, both are fully qualified to perform your regular checkups.

Lastly, the family medicine doctor whos postgraduate education has been focused on family medicine. The biggest difference between Family Practitioners and Doctors of Internal Medicine is the age of the patients they see. Family medicine doctors see patients of all ages, while Internal Medicine Doctors focus on adults.

No matter the type of Provider that fits your needs, the primary focus of your annual visit is prevention. By preventing the onset of chronic diseases or preventing your current health conditions from worsening, the Providers at Bond Clinic are working to keep you healthy.