The Good News Bell


The Good News Bell

The Good News Bell

Each year thousands of patients come through the doors of the Bond Clinic Cancer and Research Center. Some get good news, some get bad news; most get life changing news. In October of 2017, Ronald Sofield, became a patient of the Bond Clinic Cancer & Research center when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

After undergoing a procedure to remove the cancer, he sat in a recliner in the chemotherapy suite undergoing treatment for six months as he recovered.  During this time, he witnessed patients getting good news and bad news and felt that the good news needed to be celebrated.

After Mr. Sofield completed his treatment, he was overwhelmed to learn that he was cancer free and decided it was time to help other people celebrate good news.  He ordered an old-fashioned alarm bell to hang in the Bond Clinic Cancer & Research Center and named it, The Good News Bell.  The Bell was installed on November 12, 2018 by Mr. Sofield himself and he was the first to ring the bell, with news that his scans showed no evidence of cancer.

From left to right: Michelle Rampersad, APRN; Ron Sofield, O. Abu Hlalah, MD

Now as patients complete their treatments or get good news, they travel through the Cancer Center to ring The Good News Bell.  Each time the bell is rung, it is a joy to hear and know that someone else has gotten good news.

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From left to right: Michelle Rampersad, APRN; Ron Sofield; Gina Fann, RN, OCN; Leena Lawlor, RN, OCN; and Manal Awad, RN.