Sports Medicine is a Top Priority at the Bond Clinic


Isn’t it wonderful to know that no matter what time of year we are in, it’s sports season? Take right now, for example. As we enter into the autumn months, although the baseball season is reaching its conclusion, football is just getting underway, to the delight and relief of many. No matter what month we are in, even in the mostly even-keeled temperatures in Florida, sports fans everywhere have a team to support and cheer for.

What’s the best way to keep avid sports fans happy all year long? If their team goes the entire season without losing a game? That goes without saying. Maybe having their favorite players by appropriately recognized for their talent and strength by their competitors and colleagues?   But what makes these accomplishments possible? The answer is, that behind every professional sports team, there is a qualified team of medical practitioners that work tirelessly to keep them healthy, making it possible for every athlete to play their best game every game.

Because the health of our patients is of the utmost importance (and because, in all honesty, our team also defines ourselves as devoted sports fans), the expert and knowledgeable team at the Bond Clinic makes sports medicine a top priority. How do we do this? By devoting the time and resources to having the highest quality sports medicine department. We are committed to going the extra mile for athletes of all skill levels; by using the latest technology and staffing the most qualified doctors and athletic trainers, we prove on a daily basis that an athlete’s health and their longevity in their sport is crucial. All of these reasons and many more make us the official orthopedic surgeon for the Lakeland Magic. We are also the proud medical provider for everyone’s favorite professional soccer team, The Tropics.

Whether the weather outside is frightful or if the sun is blazing on a warm summer day, sports fans around the country always have something to root for. But cheering on your favorite football player or basketball star becomes so much easier if you know they are as healthy as possible because, in sports, health is the winning edge and a path to victory. Trust your expert team at the Bond Clinic to keep athletes of all skill levels at the top of their game. Visit our website for location information and how you can book your next appointment.