High Field Open MRI


For many patients, the closed MRI can be a long and uncomfortable process, with some tests taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. For best results, the patient must remain as still as possible. This can be increasingly difficult for long testing periods or for children. Recognizing the need for a more comfortable MR imaging experience, Bond Clinic, P.A. offers a high-field open MRI with a unique feature; you can transform your exam room into an exotic beach or a mountain landscape.

Bond Clinic offers testing via the high-field open-MRI system using the Panorama 1.0T, manufactured by Phillips. Not only does this MR system offer physicians high-field image quality, it also features a completely open design that makes getting an MR scan a more positive experience. The MR system offers Ambient Experience, which comprises room design, lighting, animation, and audio elements to enhance the patient’s experience and empower the him or her during scanning.

Many patients, due to their size or feelings of claustrophobia, prefer open MR systems. Our MRI can hold up to 520 pounds and allows a guardian to accompany a child through the test, which can decrease the need for sedation. The high-resolution images, possible from the high-field-strength magnet within the Panorama 1.0T, enable physicians to make better diagnoses.