How to Take Prescribed Medications Correctly


There are some parts of our typical daily routine where, let’s face it, we don’t really have to do them every day. There are mornings where you probably don’t feel like making your bed and straightening up your closet before you leave for work in the morning. There are commutes where you would be just fine if you didn’t stop at that local fast food restaurant for a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee. People have even found a way to look clean and put-together by not showering first thing every morning.

While these are aspects of the daily grind that can occasionally be sacrificed, there are some essential routines that cannot be missed. Taking daily medications required to maintain your health and quality of life is without debate one of those things. To get maximum benefit from recommended medications, it is crucial to take them exactly as prescribed by a medical professional. In fact, a person’s chance of a better health outcome improves when medications are taken exactly as directed, without deviation.

This fact, while true for everyone, is especially true for seniors. Did you know that four out of 10 older people who take more than one drug still do not take one or more of their prescriptions according to their doctor’s instructions? This is something that absolutely cannot happen under any circumstance.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your loved ones, especially your senior loved ones, are taking their prescribed medications correctly.

Get the Proper Information

When you are prescribed a medication by your doctor, make sure you, the patient, understand why you need the drug, how and when to take the drug, how to store the drug, and what might happen if you neglect to take the medicine.

Know what Not to Do

When taking a prescribed medication becomes part of a daily routine, make sure you or your loved one never use the medication for any symptoms of illness other than what is prescribed, take someone else’s medication, give your medication to someone else, or take more or less than the recommended amount of the drug.

Stay Organized

Listing all prescribed and non-prescribed medications, jotting down relevant questions, and writing down your medical information (emergency contacts, primary physicians, allergies)  will help you stay organized and take your medications properly.

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