Healthy Children Are Better Students


 Healthy Children Are Better Students

Inside Polk
July 2013
By: Marialice Quinn

dr-nguyenEven when your child is healthy, it is important to schedule annual checkups in order to maintain their good health. “Annual checkups allow us to evaluate a child’s physical condition as well as monitoring how a child is progressing developmentally and behaviorally,” said Dr. Kenny Nguyen.

At Bond Clinic, Dr. Nguyen, board certified in pediatrics, and Courtney Jones, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, strive to promote wellness by focusing on growth and development for each child, and to provide up-to-date medical care in times of sickness.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends yearly physicals from age 2 to 18, and Dr. Nguyen agrees. “Your child
should always have an annual physical examination including hearing and vision screenings, annual flu shots and immunizations. These checkups are also a great time to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s health, development or growth.”

“If your child has medical problems, such as asthma, diabetes, ADD, chronic headaches or allergies, let the child’s teacher and the school nurse know so they can intervene if there is a problem.”

“Food allergies can cause serious and even deadly reactions in kids, so it’s important to instruct your child not to eat anything at school except what you send. Give the school nurse an epinephrine pen to treat an accidental exposure. The school must also call 911 to take the child to the ER for further evaluation because the second phase of an anaphylactic reaction does not occur until several hours later.”

“Make sure your child has a healthy bedtime routine that allows for eight to nine hours of sleep every night,” explained Dr.
Nguyen. “Turn off and put away all electronics at bedtime. With enough sleep, your child will perform better.”

An annual checkup is one of the most important aspects of keeping children healthy. Studies have shown that children
who receive regular preventive health care, including check-ups, immunizations and dental care, are healthier than children who do not,” said Dr. Nguyen.


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