Encourage Outside Play During the School Year


Play is one of the most critical ways for children to learn and develop. Playing outside offers a number of activities that help children to use their imagination and nurture growth. While our little ones might get lost in homework or other school related activities, it’s important that you promote outside play throughout the school year. Here are some of the benefits of playing outside:

Physical Development & A Curiosity for the Environment

Outdoor play help children develop physically and keep healthy with needed exercise. Many outdoor activities help kids strengthen muscles and develop increased coordination. Kicking or throwing balls, riding a bike, or just running can simply increase gross-motor skills with ongoing use. Activities like coloring the sidewalk with chalk or digging for ‘fossils’ can help with fine-motor skills development.

Playing outdoors can also promote a child to explore the environment. A child with a curiosity about the environment can learn to engage in the world around them with independence and through trail-and-error activities such as exploring the park or attending a science camp. This can also identify interests for all kids.

Increasing Those Social Skills

Children can learn a lot from being outside. Playing outside offers more chances to take risks and test limits. Kids learn what they are truly capable of and are able to work through challenging problems. The outdoors can also provide a child a calm environment to release energy.

By using their imagination, children can use the outdoors to act out their favorite books or pretend to be in a different reality. A normal jungle gym can become the largest mountain ever to climb or a swing set is the next roller coaster to ride. When combined with the outdoors, a child’s imagination can make anything happen.

Another plus for outdoor play is social play. This occurs when children find adults or other children to join in their activities. Social play helps children learn important skills such as problem-solving, negotiating, language, turn-taking, and rule-following.

Outdoor play is one of the easiest and most effective ways for your child to learn and develop. It offers invaluable opportunities to develop important life skills that will help your children throughout their childhood.

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Content Provided By: Jared White, Bond Clinic Assistant Marketing Director