Dr. Sherif Ibrahim featured in Winter Haven Sun Top Doctor section


Winter Haven Sun – Published Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dr. Sherif Ibrahim is triple board certified in Nephrology, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine.  He has brought his passion for health and years of experience to Bond Clinic this past spring. Dr. Ibrahim was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, and attended Cairo University Medical School. He then moved to the states where he originally landed in California before pursuing internal medicine at the University of Arkansas.

After his residency, he stayed in Little Rock for a fellowship in geriatric medicine. Dr. Ibrahim then became a practicing internist in Arkansas. His specialization in internal medicine equipped him with the knowledge to treat people with various diseases across the board.

“When I was a teenager, I used to visit kidney dialysis patients as a volunteer. It made me upset to see people suffer, so I wanted to be a tool,” said Dr. Ibrahim.

Later, he took part in a Fellowship in Nephrology and Hypertension at Saint Louis University in Missouri. At that point, he decided his main focus would be Geriatric Nephrology. He studied calcium and bone diseases and concentrated on acute and chronic renal failure.

“I had an interest in how the kidney handles and affects the brain, muscles, bones, heart and organs,” said Dr. Ibrahim.

He recognized that the health of one’s kidneys directly affects the overall health of their body.  Dr. Ibrahim knew that by studying and practicing Nephrology, he could change the lives of so many in need. He was inspired by the vast amount of research that was involved with kidneys in general. He saw this as a sign that there was potential to find new ways to prevent diseases and find new treatments for kidney related problems.

In mid-February, Dr. Ibrahim moved to Polk County and by March had accepted a position in Nephrology with Bond Clinic.  Family nearby was one reason for his move to Central Florida .  He has two sons who, like himself, also enjoy exploring nature and the proximity of Winter Haven to the sea.  Dr. Ibrahim’s future plans are to stay in Winter Haven and to open a clinic within Bond Clinic that is based around the treatment of an international problem, 

resistant hypertension, a condition affecting people who may be on three different medications for high blood pressure, takes a diuretic, and yet their blood pressure is still above what it should be. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, people with resistant hypertension may have no symptoms at all for months or even years and then could experience a heart attack, stroke, vision problem, or kidney damage. Dr. Ibrahim believes this is all too common, and a serious condition that is important to diagnose .

Dr. Ibrahim’s resistant hypertension clinic is set to open in Winter Haven sometime in the second half of 2018.

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