Don’t Give Up on Your Health and Wellness New Year’s Resolutions


Around half of us went through the endeavor of making New Year’s resolutions for 2018, but nearly 80% percent of those vows will already be abandoned by the middle of February. Goals can vary in significance, but the ones that have real life effects on our health and wellness should be reconsidered before being given up on.

According to YouGov some of the top aspirations for 2018 are health orientated.
Some of the top goals include:

·         Eat healthier 37%
·         Get more exercise 37%
·         Focus on self-care (e.g., get more sleep every night) 24%
·         Save money/Save more money 37%
·         Make new friends 15%
·         Give up or cut down on smoking cigarettes and/or alcohol consumption 9%
·         Get a job, or get a new job 14%
·         Read more 18%
·         Take up a new hobby 13%
·         Focus more on my romantic relationship 12%
·         Go on more dates 7%
·         Focus more on my appearance 12%
·         Focus less on my appearance 3%
·         Learn a new skill 15%

Tips to Help Achieve the Goal

Setup a Plan
●     How are you going to achieve this goal? Writing out or visualizing your strategy is a strong step forward to achieving. Set benchmarks throughout the year so you are checking in with yourself and staying on target. This can also help you define the reason why you are creating the resolution in the first place.

Avoid Unrealistic Goals
●     Having too many goals can be overwhelming and promote discouragement. Originally you may have had a reasonable chance of succeeding with one or two goals, but instead by having 10 plus the entire attempt has failed. Even one goal can be quite the undertaking when you consider the number of behavior changes that are required. You should also be weary of too lofty a goal. Instead of losing 100 pounds in four months, aim for a more realistic number and timeframe.

Have a Friend Support You
●     Having a friend or colleague help you with your resolution could be the extra inspiration or encouragement that is detrimental to your success. Voicing the goal to someone can also make the goal seem that much more real and create accountability.


Check out this list of resolution ideas if you are a person who completely skipped on the resolution making but are still looking to invigorate your health and wellness in 2018. Many of these are fun and quite manageable: Drinking more water, getting at least seven hours of sleep, or scheduling your annual primary care visit.

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