After One Exhaustive Year, Now is the Perfect Time for a Checkup


May is widely accepted in the medical community as Women’s Health Month – an awareness campaign that encourages women to make time to focus on their health and well-being. It’s also a chance for women to get the necessary care they need, especially after a year that may have taken an unreasonable toll on their health due to the pandemic. Just recently, research has come forward showing the price the pandemic has had on women’s health.

According to the recent findings published from a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, almost 2 in 5 women nationwide (38%) skipped preventative health services over the past year, including routine tests and annual checkups. That compares to only 26% of men. Other findings show that women who received no medical care during the pandemic have reported that their health conditions got worse. Additionally, 51% of women and 34% of men say that the worry or stress related to COVID-19 has affected their mental health.

After a taxing year, people are slowly beginning to see their doctors again via telemedicine or in-person. Women’s Health Month is a fresh start for many women to accept the opportunity to take a step back and see how they are doing. Shouldn’t you check in with your doctor then?

Here are a few recommended items you’ll want to ask about when you go to your next checkup:

  • Is everything normal?
  • Do I need any tests or screenings?
  • Should I see a specialist for any reason?
  • Do I need any immunizations?
  • Are my prescriptions still okay?
  • What can I do to stay healthy in the future?
  • Do you have any recommendations for dealing with stress?
  • When should I schedule my next visit?

In one way or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our health to a certain degree this past year. But now is the perfect time to address those concerns with a medical professional. If we at Bond Clinic can provide a little peace of mind during Women’s Health Month, give us a call at 863-293-1191 to see one of our qualified medical providers.

By: Jared White, Assistant Marketing Director at Bond Clinic, P.A.