5 Training Tips Every Athlete Needs to Hear


It all seems to come so easy when you’re young: the speed, the strength, and the endurance you need to perform at the top level. However, what happens when you start getting older? That athletic ability won’t always be what it is now, so it’s important to take into consideration your training now so you can stay in the best shape possible as you age.


  1. Focus on Bar Speed Rather Than Weight
    As your body starts to age, you’ll find that more and more weight coaches will tell you to quit maxing out and to focus more on the bar speed. Athletes really need to focus on their control on the way down and their explosiveness and speed on the way up. This will help preserve the amount of speed you have.
  2. Include Free Weights More
    By incorporating more free weight exercises, you can work on specific groups of muscles, and they also help strengthen the support structures you need to continue to get stronger.
  3. Pay Attention to Nutrition
    Paying close attention to nutrition and how you’re fueling your body is going to help keep it moving and performing at the top of its ability. Pay careful attention to how certain foods make you feel, and you can even keep a food journal to help you track what you’re eating and when.
  4. Work Your Tendon Fibers
    It was once believed that training your tendons wasn’t possible, however, there’s new proof to show that we’re now wrong. Working your tendons at careful intervals can help increase their rigidity and help you be as explosive as possible. Exercising these tendon fibers can also help keep your muscles durable and strong through time.
  5. Always Remember to Track
    One of the most important aspects of being an athlete is making sure you don’t overtrain. Athletes that have catastrophic injuries have gotten to the point they’re at because of overtraining their bodies. It’s much harder to come back from a terrible injury than it is to train a little harder and get back into shape.


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